Paws and Claws’ Inaugural Blog: A Puppy Love Story

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Welcome to Paws and Claws! As a pet sitter for more than 6 years and a pet lover since practically birth, I am excited to share with you all things pets.

This blog will focus on St. Louis local events, cool businesses, awesome adoption stories and more. Follow me on my journey as a pet owner, animal lover and soon-to-be pet sitting business owner.

I can’t start this blog journey without introducing Maddux, my almost 3-year-old Shichon (Shih Tzu/Bichon mix). Maddux is named after Greg Maddux, famed retired Atlanta Braves baseball pitcher. Ever since I can remember I have wanted a dog named Maddux, so he was named even before we picked each other.

It was January 2010 and I had just went through a terrible breakup. I always had cats, and my friends suggested that I get a puppy this time around to help deal with my loss.

I did some research and decided on a breeder advertising “teddy bear dogs” a couple of hours outside of St. Louis. My friend Michelle and I drove out the Friday before a three-day weekend.

As soon as the breeder showed us the puppy selection, we were overwhelmed. There were two rows of cages on either side of us, and we decided to look just on the right side. I knew I wanted a boy, so we picked out two boy puppies and took them to the adjacent playroom.

The boys took off in play mode, and when we picked them up, I just didn’t feel that spark. We picked two more 10-week-old puppies.

One took to Michelle instantly. A multiple dog owner herself, I still can’t believe she didn’t go home with another one that night. I picked up one of the last two dogs and we instantly met eyes.

His paw got stuck in my scarf. I knew then and there I finally met my Maddux.

Now almost 3 years later (his birthday is Oct. 30) through puppy class at PetSmart, time at the Watering Bowl daycare, potty training and being spoiled rotten, Maddux is the best thing I’ve ever done.

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