Southwick Veterinary Issues Halloween Treat Warning

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Halloween is only a couple of weeks away, and even though your pet may want a treat, make sure it is safe enough to avoid tricks.

Most pet owners know that chocolate and any types of sugary snacks are dangerous for fur babies and can be sometimes lethal.

Southwick says that veterinarians have suspected that sugar substitutes, namely Xylitol, can make animals sick.

In fact, there now is evidence that Xylitol can produce possible liver failure in dogs. Xylitol can be found in sugar-free gum, candy, baked goods and even toothpaste.

The clinical evidence on the extent of damage Xylitol can bring to your pet still is being examined. Southwick warns to keep an eye on anything your pet is eating, especially around the holidays where more food and sweets are prevalent and within reach.

The folks at Southwick Veterinary Hospital happen to be Maddux’s vet, and they are wonderful. They can be contacted at 314.892.0244. Have a happy and safe Howl-oween!

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