Alyssa’s Expat Life

I admit it. I love airplane food. I crave the anticipation of the cart rolling down the aisle, the smell of the food and wondering if you should opt for pasta or meat, the thirst of the sporadic drink (I hate it when they don’t give you the full soda can or when you have to ask for ice — so American of me), and I even love the question I ask myself every time, “Why do so many people drink apple juice on planes?”

Then we get to it, finally, those glorious cute little compartments that force you to eat with your elbows close to your side, to use every inch of your space and to taste with delight something special that you don’t get to experience every day.

The airplane food eating scenario is a metaphor that I can best describe for traveling — a special unknown.

My foray into plane travel began with a trip to San Antonio, Texas, for my high school graduation gift to myself. I went with a friend, we stayed with her sister for two weeks, and I cried uncontrollably when I left. I used to watch Total Request Live and think about what New York City must be like, so I would bid a low price on Priceline (this was pre-9/11), hop on the plane and stay for just an afternoon to walk around Central Park. Then I would fly home, rinse, repeat. I can’t tell you how many weekends through my late teens/early 20s I had my New York daily moments.

Throughout the years I have forged so many worldwide relationships through tour group companions, teaching abroad and in hotel lobby bars (other bars too, but we’ll get to that). People are fascinating; the world is a thirst that is never quenched; and my eye for the unknown gets stronger with each plane, train and even boat that I step foot on.

With that, I give you Alyssa’s Window Seat, my travel blog that will finally share my tips, tricks, stories and recommendations for cool stuff I’ve found around the world. This blog is dedicated to my fellow travelers I’ve met around the world. You give me inspiration, hope and love. I have smiled as each and every one of you have walked away to the next destination.

Always choose the unknown over the known, and happy reading.