Just wanted to send you a brief message thanking you for all you’ve done for me while you were editor of VAPE. You believed in me from the very beginning and gave me multiple chances to prove myself as a writer … that means a lot to me. I have no idea what is up next for you in your career, although I’m certainly curious, yet I know you’ll be successful in whatever is you are moving onto.

You were a great editor. Very prompt, direct and realistic, not to mention very pleasant. All are very rare qualities nowadays. So, I wish you nothing but the best! Good luck, even though you don’t need it, given your natural talents, there is not a doubt in my mind that you will continue to thrive.

-Tony Ottomanelli II, Staff Writer, VAPE Magazine
Working with a body of freelancers can be challenging to manage, so having a reliable, proactive and thorough team member like Alyssa was incredibly helpful. I felt confident in her professionalism and in her representation of the company as she conducted interviews and built relationships within the regions we operated. Her writing had a strong voice and rarely required deep edits, if any at all, and the ability and willingness to tackle new writing formats to fill the magazine’s various needs will serve her well in any editorial or marketing role.

-Kate Rendall, Microsoft Brand Manager, Former Managing Editor of Community Magazine Group