Ten Sweet Treat Locations that Beat the Heat

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There is nothing better than some sweet, smooth, creamy ice cream on a hot summer day. Counting calories? Have no fear. St. Louis vendors offer a wide variety of low-cal options. No matter if you like yours dripping with sugar or just a bit of soft serve to satisfy your sweet tooth and cool the palate, these sweet treat spots have something to offer.


Ted Drewes Frozen Custard

Ted Drewes has been a south St. Louis staple since 1930. Custard, concretes, sundaes, malts, cones, floats and more are highlights on the menu, and there is ample outdoor seating so you can enjoy your sweet treat. With locations on South Grand and Chippewa, Ted Drewes is the place to be in the summer in the city.

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The Island Frozen Yogurt

Soulard is the place to be for sports fans in the summer, as the majority of restaurants and bars shuttle patrons to downtown games. After spending all day in the heat, The Island, housed in the heart of Soulard on Russell Blvd., is a great way to cool off. Open until 11 p.m. on all nights the Cardinal’s are playing, The Island rotates out its FroYo flavors and toppings regularly. Try flavors such as cookies ‘n cream, tropical paradise, pink cupcake and root beer float. Toppings include a variety of fruits, bobas, candies and sauces. Prices are based on the weight of your cup. There also is an Imperial Island down south on Seckman Road, for Jefferson County FroYo lovers.

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Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen may not be exclusive to St. Louis alone, but its many locations offer a convenience that no other ice cream shops in the area have. No one else has ice cream that truly is creamier than Dairy Queen’s and no one else can turn a Blizzard upside down, showing customers the thickness of the treat. Since 1940, a lot of things have changed, including a merger with Orange Julius and a food menu, but the great taste of DQ’s cakes, treats and ice cream definitely have stayed tried and true.

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The Flying Cow Frozen Yogurt Company

The St. Louis locations may be a bit off the beaten path, but The Flying Cow’s frozen yogurt is a self-serve delight. With more than 30 varieties to choose from and endless toppings, you can customize your yogurt the way you like it. Try The Flying Cow at 3331 Locust or at 230 North 13th Street in downtown St. Louis.

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Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery opened its first store in 1988, and its ice cream is made fresh every day inside each store. They have several options for those with allergies, such as gluten-free, lactose free and low-fat ice creams. Cold Stone is unique in that it offers yogurt, sorbet and ice cream all in one house, and cakes, shakes, smoothies and more round out their menu. Sweet-lovers can’t go wrong with this franchise.

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The Fountain on Locust

The Fountain on Locust

Right up the street from The Flying Cow is one of the most remarkable spots in St. Louis. The Fountain has a rich history and has been voted the St. Louis’ best ice cream parlor and Yelp’s 2011 number one place to get ice cream in St. Louis. With an old-fashioned ice cream specialty menu including bearcat, dark and sinister and nutty Irishman as flavors, if you are looking for a unique experience and not just a quick fix, The Fountain is the place to be.

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Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream

The Riverfront Times named Serendipity the best ice cream parlor in 2010, and it has been a staple in Webster Groves for 10 years. Flavors of ice cream are added and changed on a regular basis, and an added bonus is that ice cream lovers can decide on their scoop size.

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The Gelateria Italian Dessert Cafe

For anyone who’s ever set foot in Italy, you know that there are pounds of Gelato pouring out of every street corner. It is the absolute dessert monopoly in that country, and finally, we in the St. Louis area can get a taste of this delicacy. The Geleteria is housed on Grand in South City, and their smooth Gelato matches the Italian likeness. Gelato has less cream and there is a slow churned freezing process that gives it a bolder, richer flavor. After seeing the fluffy flavors piled in the display case, you won’t be able to resist.

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Mr. Wizards Frozen Custard and Yogurt

Located in the heart of Maplewood for more than 20 years, Mr. Wizards specializes in soft serve frozen custard and yogurt. The centrally located business also offers concretes, sundaes, slushes, sno-cups and more.

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Crown Candy Kitchen

Perhaps the oldest ice cream parlor (and more) housed in St. Louis is Crown Candy Kitchen. Since 1913, Crown Candy hasn’t lost sight of its roots. The Kitchen makes its own chocolate candy and offers butterscotch malteds, chocolate phospate or a deluxe sundae for dessert. Come see why Crown Candy is one of St. Louis’ most popular attractions.

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